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What Exactly Is ClubWizardTM?
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ClubWizardTM is a complete website and club management solution.



Create and manage your website:
  • Quickly and easily create a fully customized website for your club
  • No need for any technical skills or special software
  • Website features includes:
  • Share the workload: allow any authorized person to update or add items to the website
  • Grow your site to any size, in any way that you wish


Manage Your Club:
  • Manage your Club roster and membership information
  • Manage and track club-specific information such as current, past and future officers, committees, and much more
  • Manage and track your attendance
  • Supplement your fundraisers


Simple to Update Your Site and Keep It Current


ClubWizardTM  makes updating and managing your site quick and simple.  Since the Web Manager requires no special technical skills, no programming experience, and no special software, you can authorize any interested members of your Club to make updates to your site.  See the requirements .





Cutomized Look and Feel For Your Club


Although ClubWizardTM sites may use some of the same features, every website is given a customized look and feel.  The site colors, logos and other elements will be customized for your club.  For example, the Newsletter will match your existing Newsletter.  (If you don't have a Newsletter, we'll help you create one.)