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Completely Free 30-Day, No Obligation Trial
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Our completely free, no obligation 30-day trial makes it easy for you to try ClubWizardTM and experience the many benefits first-hand.  We do all the work for you and create a customized, full-featured, fully functional website for you club.  There is no set-up fee and no obligation, and we can typically have your website up in just a few days.



What does the free trial include?


The free trial gives you a complete, customized club website, including ALL the ClubWizardTM features.  Your free site includes:

  • Complete set up of your customized website -- we'll even load your entire membership directory and assign passwords to all your members.
  • Domain name registration for your club. (eg:
  • Website hosting — your web site will be on our web servers
  • Customized “look and feel”
  • Web Manager that allows you and any authorized Club Member to update and manage your website, without the need for any technical skills
  • Technical support via telephone and email
  • All the standard ClubWizardTM features and pages, including:
  • Officers & Chairpersons Page
  • Meeting Time/Place Information
  • “About” Pages
  • “Contact Us” Page


What happens after your 30 day trial?


If you choose to continue using ClubWizardTM, you will start to pay our subscription fee.  Remember, that ClubWizardTM  can easily pay for itself or even raise money for your club through the built-in sponsorship feature


If, for ANY reason, you prefer not to sign up for a subscription, there is not obligation to continue.  If we registered a domain name for your site, you may take your domain name with you free of charge and transfer it to another Registrar account of your choosing.**








* The terms of this offer are subject to change at any time without notice.
** Although Club will not charge you a fee, your new Registrar may or may not charge you a fee to transfer the domain name.  This fee is normally between $15 and $35 and usually includes a 1 year extension to your domain name.