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ClubWizardTM is an all-inclusive  subscription service.  The subscription fee covers all the features and benefits as well as website hosting, disk space, network traffic, and technical support. There is no setup and no cancellation fee. If you use the built-in sponsorship feature, ClubWizardTM can easily pay for itself.


The subscription fee is dependent on the size of your club:


Under 30 Members

30-120 Members

Over 120 Members 

Setup Fee free free free
Load Your Club Roster free free free
Custom Domain Name free free free

Monthly Subscription

$39 or free**   $49 or free** $59 or free**


  * Elect to pay annually and receive a 5% discount.

** Use the built-in sponsorship feature to make your web site free.  Click for details.


If these monthly fees present a financial hardship for your Club, please contact us and we can make special arrangements based on your needs.