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How does ClubWizardTM work?
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ClubWizardTM is intuitive and simple to use.  You don't need any technical skills or any special software -- any authorized member with a computer and an Internet connection can update your web site.



Passwords and Previews


Each person who wishes to update the web site is given a unique password.  You can control which pages each person is authorized to update, allowing them to update one or more pages on your site.


You access the Web Manager with your web browser.  Changing a page is as simple as clicking the “edit this page” link displayed on any page which you are authorized to change.

When you change a page, you can automatically preview it and see EXACTLY what it will look like on your site BEFORE you publish it for the general public to see.



"What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) Web Page Editor


ClubWizardTM uses an intuitive "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) web page editor that makes updating your pages as simple as using Microsoft Word or any other word processor. 


As you update a page, all text formatting, tables, photos, and graphics appear just as they will appear on the final web page.


Just like using any word processor, you use familiar and intuitive buttons on the toolbar like “bold,” “italics,” “indent,” and “center justify”.


You can also insert photos, graphics, bulleted lists, tables or many other items.


The WYSIWYG web page editor and tool bar are installed automatically as a plug-in in your web browser the first time you edit a page.  You don't need to buy any special software or borrow any CD's.