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ClubWizardTM is a complete website and manangement system created by PrincetonIMTM.


Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, PrincetonIM is a multi-faceted technology company that has been serving clients and building customized, database-driven, interactive websites since 1994.
Initially, we provided customized websites, software and Internet consulting services for our customers.  Since 2001, our primary focus has been our website creation and management service that allows customers to easily update and maintain professional, customized websites for their organizations.
Through our ClubWizard product -- a website and management solution independently created and customized specifically for Rotary® Clubs and Districts -- PrincetonIM is the largest provider of Rotary Club® and Rotary® District websites and management.  Serving Rotary Clubs since 2001, ClubWizard provides Rotary Club websites and Rotary District websites and management to Clubs and Districts throughout the entire United States and in countries on three continents.


Our client list ranges from large institutions such as Harvard University, Princeton University, and Northeastern University, to large multi-state business such as Kitchen Etc., to non-profit organizations such as Rotary® Clubs, other service clubs, and Chambers of Commerce.  We also provide websites to many small and medium businesses, as well as a myriad of other groups and organizations.