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ClubWizardTM Testimonials
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The following are unsolicited testimonials from ClubWizard clients.


“I am so impressed and happy with the Gloucester Rotary web site and HOW EASY it is to update and maintain. I LOVE your software and would recommend it to anyone of any skill level.”

                                                -- Joan Ciolino, Rotary Club of Gloucester



  “I think the web site is the best thing since sliced bread!”

                                                -- Roger Rovero, Rotary Club of Hamden



"Your technical support is really terrific.  If only I could get that response in other areas of my life...  It [updating a page on the website] is easy.  Really easy.  That's the easiest thing I've ever done on the computer."

                                                -- Michael Simon, Rotary Club of Cambridge



“"WOW!! I waited until a couple of our members could view and comment on the new site…  They too were impressed!  …Formally launched the web site last night with the District Governor Elect in attendance plus spouses and "Friends of Rotary". They love it!!


As we get more and more people learning of our NEW web site you wouldn't believe the number of positive comments we receive.  We have raised the bar of [Rotary Club] web excellence.  …Thank you so much for the work your team has done to bring our Club into the 21st Century."”

                                                -- Bill McKinney, Rotary Club of Parksville A.M. (British Columbia)



  “I've spent the last hour or so updating the site with this week's newsletter and the club board & officers for this year. The interface is outstanding.”

                                                -- Paul Mangels, Rotary Club of Milford



"The site looks great. I have been able to navigate around and add items to the calendar, make changes, etc.  Many thanks for getting us 'up and going'."

                                                -- Charles Wynn, Rotary Club of Washington



  “A number of the members of the club commented on how impressed they were of our new website! Thank you so much for all your assistance.”

-- John Rainone, Rotary Club of York



“[Regarding the Member Directory,] members have already started to make adjustments. It is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!”

                                                -- Alice Bean Andrenyak, Rotary Club of Brunswick



  “As you can see, I've been hard at work…. filled in the calendar... put in the Fellowship News [newsletter]...and edited the list of officers/chairs for next year. This is fun!”

                                                -- Janet McWalter, Rotary Club of Cambridge



“I'm IMPRESSED!!!  I like the fact that all the members are all on line and we can update our own profiles (I just modified mine).  This tool is wonderful and I feel a valuable asset to the Winchester Rotary.”

                                                -- Sven Andersen, Rotary Club of Wincheser