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ClubWizardTM Features - Member Directory
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ClubWizardTM includes a password-protected, detailed, on-line Club Membership Directory.

  • Each Club member has their own unique password.  Only members of your club have access to the Directory.
  • The online directory can be searched or sorted in many ways.  For example, with a single click you can sort the list by birthday and see who has a birthday this month.  Or, type in a first name of “Mary” and instantly get a list of everyone who’s first name starts with Mary (Mary, Maryanne, Mary Ann, etc.).
  • Click someone’s email address to instantly send them an email.
  • Use custom distribution lists to easily send emails and keep your club informed.

  • Click on a name and see their photo, biography, addresses, Club Office(s), contact numbers, spouse and children’s names, and other detailed information.
  • Members can update their own information online.  Their password limits them to updating only their own information.  However, your Secretary or others in the Club can be given authority to update everyone's information.
  • Members can create a complete, hard-copy, printed version of the Directory right from the web.  This paper copy can also be distributed to members without Internet access.*
  • Since it's kept online, the Directory is always current.





* Some of these features will not be available until the next version of the ClubWizard™, currently scheduled for release soon.