ClubWizardTM website will benefit your club in many ways:

  • You will be able to share information about your Club with your Club members and with your community.  For example, you can publicize your meeting time and location, upcoming programs, activities, events, fundraisers and announcements.
  • You will have another avenue to publicize your Club’s membership and fundraising activities.  You can include your website address in your advertisements, flyers and posters and provide people with a source of detailed information, registration forms, etc.
  • By allowing any authorized member of your Club to update or add to your website, you can share the workload and ensure that your site is up-to-date and current.  For example, the Newsletter Editor can create Newsletters, the Programs Chair can update the Calendar, and the President and Secretary can add Announcements to the home page.
  • You can provide your Members with password-protected “Members Only” information such as your Club Membership Directory.  You can have everyone’s most current addresses, phone numbers, email, birthday, and other information available to anyone in your Club at the click of a mouse.