ClubWizardTM has built-in Newsletter features which make it simple to create, publish and distribute your Club Newsletter.

  • Easily add or create your newsletter in a PDF, Microsoft Word, or HTML web-based format.

  • Use the Template feature to quickly create a new Newsletter.  Templates provide you with an outline of your Newsletter, allowing you to fill in the details.  You can easily alter the Templates to suit your needs.
  • Easily include photos or graphics in your Newsletters.
  • When you create a new Newsletter, the most recent Newsletter is automatically moved to the Archive, where site visitors can view all your previous Newsletters.
  • You can automatically email and distribute your Newsletter with just 2 mouse clicks.
  • If you have members who prefer to receive a hardcopy of the Newsletter, you can print copies and mail them.  Members can also print their own hardcopies of the Newsletter.